Avala - Goddess of Celendria Falls


Avala is the goddess of family, peace and love. She also resides over meditation and Battle. But her battle is a battle of wit not brawn. She of course respects and loves those in need of brawn battle-stances.

It is said that Avala also has a bitterness to her. A sadness. When she allows you to see her and you look deep into her eyes you can almost see the tears behind them.

They say the love of her life, her consort, was murdered. And whats worse they say he was murdered by disciples of the red fire that supposedly lives deep within the mountains. Sometimes they say they worship a real live dragon but no one really knows

Avala is in search of a band of adventurers to tackle a series of quests. To recover some sacred artifacts and bring peace back into her lands. For she fears, as it was foretold by her right hand, The sacred Oracle, That the land will be consumed by evil if the quest fails.

Avala - Goddess of Celendria Falls

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